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Breaking the Science Barrier:

The Electric Universe’s Bold Push Against “Big Science”

The documentary “Breaking the Science Barrier” chronicles the history of the Electric Universe community – a group of scientists, scholars, and researchers who are proposing a different view of how the Universe actually works – one that is in opposition to the prevailing paradigm.

Mainstream science has been pouring vast amounts of money and government funding into experiments based on Einstein’s ideas, the Big Bang theory, quantum physics, and more. The results of these experiments have not proven successful, but rather continue to reveal more anomalies and surprises in relation to these theories.

The Electric Universe explains the Universe in a clear and simple cosmology that includes and explains all these surprises and more. The community however faces a formidable barrier of entrenched power and institutional control that needs to be surpassed, before humanity can have a better understanding about the true nature of our world, along with the solutions that are now so urgently needed.

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