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I have spent the entire afternoon watching and re-watching that Electric Universe video. I am having difficulty saying the right words to express what I think about it. But – here goes:


… It gives a normally intelligent and at least somewhat interested viewer, an overview of what the EU is, how we got started, and what the job we still have to do is. It presents the idea that our paradigm does involve some unusual ideas – but that these ideas come from a completely logical, scientific basis. I think it hits exactly the right tone. … The video is top notch. The interviews are just long enough to get ideas across – but not too long.

– Dr. Donald Scott

Thank you for the opportunity to watch this.  I really enjoyed the story, including all the players, unfolding from the start.  I think it is a great record of the history of the EU. … And I appreciated the closing dedication to Wal.

     – Faye Thornhill

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