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Meet the Experts

David Talbott

Author and Publisher of scientific journals which led him to deeply research Comparative Mythology. Founder and Director of the Thunderbolts project, which has emerged as a very powerful Internet voice on behalf of the Electric Universe
Wal Thornhill

Physicist, Cosmologist, and Author whose passion has been the pursuit of understanding and formulating the Electric Universe
Dr. C.J. Ransom

Plasma Physicist and Author whose research confirmed many of the ideas Immanuel Velikovsky proposed, with whom he corresponded regularly
Dr. Donald Scott

Professor of Electrical Engineering for over 39 years at the University of Massachusetts
Ev Cochrane

Trained as a Geneticist with a focus on Biological Evolution, Ev went on to become an Author and Researcher of Comparative Mythology
Dr. William Mullen

Professor of Classics at Bard College and Speaker who worked directly with Immanuel Velikovsky
Andrew Fitts

Speaker and Researcher with a Psychology background, currently focused on the Sociological Study of Catastrophism
Dr. Irving Wolfe

Professor at University of Montréal, Canada, with an interest in the archetypal, mythological, and religious foundations of literature with a focus on catastrophism
Dr. Gerald Pollack

Professor of Bio-Engineering at University of Washington in Seattle who studies water, the electrical properties of weather, and more
Stephen Crothers

Advanced Mathematician and former Physics PhD candidate at University of New South Wales who was ousted for challenging Einstein’s ideas
Peter Moddel

Speaker, Researcher and Philosopher with a deep understanding of Scientific Materialism, Physics and Astronomy
Dr. Rupert Sheldrake

Biologist, Science Historian, and Author who challenges the Ten Dogmas of Institutional Science
Dr. Bjørn Ekeberg

Philosopher of Science who challenges the “delusions of cosmology”